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June 19, 2024

Helium 10 Listing Builder is a tool designed to streamline the process of creating and optimizing product listings on Amazon. 

It integrates research and writing aids to craft compelling titles, bullet points, and product descriptions to improve visibility and conversion rates.

Focusing on keyword optimization, Listing Builder helps sellers identify the most relevant search terms to include in their listings, improving their chances of ranking higher in Amazon searches. 

In this article, I will walk you through my experience with Helium 10 Listing Builder to help you understand what it offers, how to use it, costs, features, etc. 

With that, let’s explore the tool in detail below!

  • The Helium 10 Listing Builder helps you craft AI-optimized listings for Amazon. 
  • The software comes with AI-enhanced features for copywriting, which saves time and improves the quality of listings. 
  • Helium 10 provides a central dashboard that allows sellers to manage and monitor the status of listings seamlessly. The dashboard suggests keywords to improve ranking and visibility.
  • Listings can be built using several methods such as Importing through My List folders, Uploading via CSV file, Copy-pasting from computer documents

What Is Helium 10 Listing Builder?

Helium 10 Listing Builder is an innovative tool for Amazon sellers to create and optimize their product listings. It uses advanced AI technology to enhance copywriting, ensuring that listings appeal to customers and comply with Amazon’s best practices.

Pros And Cons Of Helium 10 Listing Builder 

Here are some pros and cons of Helium 10 Listing Builder: 


  • Saves time with automated copywriting and templates.
  • Helps improve listing quality by focusing on keyword optimization.
  • Offers a preview option to adjust listings pre-publication.
  • The “Write it for me” feature provides AI-generated content suggestions for titles, descriptions, and bullet points.
  • Provides a centralized dashboard to manage and track all your product listings.


  • Costs associated with the subscription may only suit some budgets.
  • It may have a learning curve for new users to utilize all features fully.

Features Included In The Helium 10 Listing Builder

The Helium 10 Listing Builder streamlines the process of creating and optimizing Amazon product listings with a suite of robust features designed to enhance the quality and effectiveness of a seller’s product presence on Amazon.

1. AI-Enhanced Copywriting

Helium 10’s Listing Builder incorporates AI-enhanced copywriting tools that help sellers create compelling product listings. This feature is engineered to save time while elevating the quality of content, providing the ability to craft powerful, high-converting listings.

2. Keyword Integration

Keyword integration is a crucial aspect of the Listing Builder, ensuring that the most relevant and targeted keywords are seamlessly included in the product listing. This aids in meeting Amazon’s key parameters and contributes to creating a healthier product listing, potentially increasing search visibility and sales.

3. Preview Function

The tool includes a preview function allowing sellers to view their listings as they appear on Amazon before publication. This feature serves as a final checkpoint to ensure that all aspects of the listing align with seller expectations and Amazon’s guidelines.

4. Time-Saving Templates

Sellers can leverage time-saving templates within Listing Builder to expedite the listing creation process. These templates provide a structured starting point that can be customized, allowing sellers to maintain consistency and efficiency when creating multiple listings.

How To Use Helium 10 Listing Builder

Follow these steps to create a product listing from scratch using the Helium 10 Listing Builder. 

Step #1: Access the tool through the Helium 10 dashboard.

Helium 10 Listing Builder - Overview

Step #2: Select a template or start from scratch to create a new listing.

Select A Template

Step #3: Use the AI-assisted features to input product information and incorporate strategic keywords.

Use the AI-assisted features

Step #4: Preview the listing and make adjustments as necessary.

Step #5: Sync and publish the listing directly to Amazon Seller Central.

Sync and publish

How Much Does Helium 10 Listing Builder Cost

Listing Builder Pricing is part of Helium 10’s suite of tools, with several plans available, from Starter to Platinum to Diamond. Get to know the complete Helium 10 pricing here.

Helium 10 Pricing
FeatureDiamond PlanPlatinum PlanStarter Plan
Monthly Price$279/month$99/month$39/month
Annual Plan$229/month$79/month$29/month
Discount for annual billing25%25%25%
  • Trial Offer: Some features may be available for free or at a reduced cost during trial periods.

Conclusion: Optimise Your Product Listings With Helium 10 Listing Builder!

The Helium 10 Listing Builder is a great asset that assists Amazon sellers in crafting effective product listings. It utilizes AI technology to integrate relevant keywords and product traits into titles, bullet points, and product descriptions.

The tool saves users time and ensures that listings are optimized to meet Amazon’s key parameters. By automating aspects of the listing creation process, sellers can focus on other areas of their business, confident that their product listings are crafted to attract and engage potential customers.

The Helium 10 Listing Builder is a robust solution for improving Amazon listings. It streamlines listing creation and optimization, making it a valuable asset in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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