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April 18, 2024

The Helium 10 Success Score is a metric provided by the Helium 10 suite of Amazon seller tools, specifically within their Xray product research tool. It’s designed to give Amazon sellers a quick assessment of the potential success of selling a particular product on Amazon.

This powerful metric instantly shows you if a product has the right sales volume, reviews, and market conditions to turn a profit. After getting tired of failing with products that brought good results, the success score was a money-saver.

So, stop guessing on inventory and start making data-driven decisions. Read on to learn how the Success Score can revolutionize your Amazon selling strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • The Helium 10 Success Score is a key metric used in the Xray product research tool to evaluate product viability. 
  • There are two versions: Two-factor and Multi-Factor Success Scores.
  • You need the Helium 10 Chrome extension to view Success Scores when browsing products on Amazon.

What Is The Helium 10 Success Score?

The Helium 10 Success Score is a key metric displayed on the Xray product research Chrome extension. It estimates the viability and potential of a product on Amazon.

Helium 10 Success Score

There are two versions of the Success Score:

  • Two-Factor Success Score – Rates products on a scale of 1-10 based on monthly sales revenue and customer reviews.
  • Multi-Factor Success Score – Rates products based on additional factors like market maturity, average price, etc., besides revenue and reviews.

Difference Between Two-Factor And Multi-Factor Success Scores

Let’s now examine how the two-factor and multi-factor Success Scores differ from one another.

This will assist you in selecting the ideal option for the purpose you have in mind.

FactorsMonthly revenue, reviewsMarket maturity, price, revenue
Best forEstimating sales & reviewsMarket trends

How To Set Up And Use Helium 10 Success Score?

To set up and use the Success Score in Helium 10, here is a step-by-step procedure:

Step #1: Download the Helium 10 Chrome extension.

Download the Helium 10 extension

Step #2: Search for products on Amazon. 

Search products on Amazon

Step #3: Open Xray on the results page.

 Open Xray on the results page

Step #4: The Success Score will be displayed on an X-ray for each product.

The Success Score will be displayed

Note: You get 10 free X-ray uses with a Helium 10 free trial.

How Success Score Is Calculated On Helium 10?

The Success Score calculation analyzes data from a search term’s top 10 ranking products. This data includes:

  •  Market maturity 
  •  Average monthly sales 
  •  Average product price


Success Score calculation analyzes data
  • Search Term Focus: The score is always specific to a search term. When you research a keyword, the tool analyzes the top 10 organically ranking products that appear on Amazon’s results page for that term.
  • Market Maturity: This analyzes how long those top-ranking products have been selling. Mature markets are more competitive, whereas new markets could indicate easier entry for your product.
  • Average Monthly Sales: The tool estimates the average sales volume of the top 10 products. Higher sales signal strong product demand.
  • Average Product Price: Calculates the average price point of the top 10 products. This impacts your profit margins and the level of competition you might face.

How Do These Factors Work Together?

Helium 10 weighs these factors (along with others in the Multi-Factor score) to give you a snapshot assessment. While the exact algorithm is proprietary, we understand that:

  • Higher sales and lower competition tend to yield better scores.
  • Mature markets can make higher Success Scores harder to achieve.
  • The Success Score doesn’t judge overall niche potential, just how easy it is to break into the top of that niche with a new product.

Using Helium 10 Success Score To Validate Product Opportunites 

The Success Score provides a quick indicator of product viability. However, you should still inspect other metrics before deciding.

A score of 7+ suggests a good product opportunity. Use TwoFactor filters to refine revenue and reviews.

Using Helium 10 Success Score to Validate Product Opportunities, here’s how:

  • The Success Score as a Starting Point: The Success Score is a brilliant shortcut. It instantly tells you if a product idea has the basic ingredients (sales, reviews, etc.) to generate interest. Think of it as narrowing your massive product research down to a manageable set of opportunities.
  • But It’s Not the Whole Story: A high Success Score shouldn’t be your sole decision point. Always dig deeper using Helium 10’s other tools and your own analysis.


  • Trendiness: Is the product a fad or likely to have sustained demand?
  • Competition: How strong are the existing sellers? Can you offer something unique?
  • Profitability: Factor in costs (product, shipping, FBA fees) to ensure healthy margins.
  • Your Strengths: Does the product align with your marketing skills or brand?
  • The Ideal Score: Aim for a Success Score of 7 or higher for potentially great products. However, even those below 7 could be opportunities if further investigation shows an untapped angle.
  • Using Two-Factor Filters: This powerful feature lets you tailor the score. For instance:
  • Only see products generating at least $5000/month in revenue
  • Focus on niches with less than 100 reviews (signaling less established competition)

The Success Score is most powerful when combined with Helium 10’s other tools and your own critical thinking for thorough product validation.

What’s The Purpose Of Check Marks on Helium 10 Success Score?

The checkmarks are specifically tied to the Two-Factor Success Score, which focuses on monthly revenue and the number of customer reviews. Here’s what they signify:

1. Customization: Before looking at the checkmarks, you set filters for the minimum revenue and reviews in the Two-Factor Success Score. The checkmarks tell you how many of the top 10 ranking products actually meet your criteria.

2. Decoding the Messages:

  • 1 Checkmark: 7 of the top 10 products meet one of your criteria (either revenue or reviews), but not both.
  • 2 Checkmarks: 7 of the top 10 products meet BOTH your revenue and review criteria.
  • 3 Checkmarks: 7 products meet one of the criteria, but more than 7 meet the other. This points to potentially strong competition.
  • 4 Checkmarks: More than 7 products meet both of your criteria. This shows strong market demand and indicates stiff competition.

Why The Checkmarks Matter?

While the Success Score gives you a quick overall sense, the checkmarks add nuance:

  • Market Analysis: They guide you in understanding the competitive landscape within a niche.
  • Strategic Filtering: This helps you customize your results for opportunities that fit your unique selling goal. Do you focus on less competitive, lower-revenue niches? Or go for bigger markets where you need an exceptional product to compete?

Important Note: The checkmarks only consider a keyword’s top 10 search results. This is a sample, not the entire market.

Final Verdict: Predict Amazon Product Competition Level With Helium 10 Success Score

The Helium 10 Success Score is an invaluable asset for product sellers, providing a quick snapshot of potential opportunities to help identify promising products worth further inspection. 

Though not conclusive on its own, when used as part of a broad research approach alongside other key factors, Success Score delivers value by rapidly flagging viable options that align with your goals. 

In a single line, the Helium 10 Success Score enables swift validation of product viability to accelerate and optimize opportunity discovery.

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