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May 23, 2024

Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, and savvy Amazon sellers know it’s crucial to be well-prepared. As one of the biggest Amazon seller tools, Helium 10 doesn’t offer any specific deal on this event. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t save money on Helium 10 without any Prime Day sales. There are plenty of ways to save – available all year round. 

In this article, I’ll explore some exclusive ways to save on Helium 10 subscriptions and uncover how you can use their tools to optimize your listings, research trending products, and track your performance for maximum success on Amazon Prime Day.

Helium 10 Prime Day Sales: A Quick Brief

  • As per previous records, Helium 10 never offered any Prime Day savings for users
  • Use our exclusive coupon codes MC10 and MC20 to save up to 20% on monthly plans
  • You can use Helium 10’s premium tools to boost your sales on the upcoming Prime Day

No Helium 10 Prime Day Sale, But Plenty Of Savings

It is true that the platform does not have a special sale or deal for Prime Day. Still, they have sales all year long that can help you save on their tools and services. These include:

1. Exclusive Coupon Codes

I have two exclusive coupon codes that will allow you to save even more on Helium 10’s Platinum and Diamond plans:

  • MC10: Save 10% on your monthly subscription (lifetime discount on selected plans)
MC10 - Exclusive Coupon Codes
Source: Helium 10
  • MC20: Offers 20% off on your subscription for the first six months on Diamond and Platinum plans.
MC20 - Exclusive Coupon Codes
Source: Helium 10

You can stack these coupon codes on top of the annual plan discount to maximize your savings. Just apply the codes on the pricing page or checkout page to see the discounted rates.

2. Annual Plan Discount 

Annual Plan Discount
Source: Helium 10

When you sign up for Helium 10 for a year, you can get 25% off your monthly rate. This is a great way to make sure your savings last a long time.

3. Free Plan

Free Plan
Source: Helium 10

You can get some of Helium 10’s main tools for free with their free plan. Before signing up for a paid plan, this is a great way to try out their core tools. 

Note: Though Helium 10 hasn’t offered any Prime Day sales yet, maybe this time they come up with an exclusive offer on this day. So, keep an eye on the website during Prime Day. Or bookmark this post, as I will update the post if they offer any deals. 

Using Helium 10 For Prime Day Success

It is unfortunate that Helium 10 doesn’t have a Prime Day-specific promotion. But their advanced tools and real-time updates can still be valuable in helping you expand your sales during this auspicious Amazon event. 

Helium 10 for Prime Day
Source: Amazon

Here are some ways you can use Helium 10 tools to boost and optimize your Prime Day sales and performance:

1. Product Research: The Black Box tool from Helium 10 can help you find popular and in-demand items that you can buy and sell on Prime Day. Black Box looks at real-time data from Amazon to find the best business prospects.

2. Listing Optimization: Use Helium 10’s Listing Builder and optimization tools to improve your product listings so that they are more visible to Prime Day buyers. This could mean making your keywords, titles, descriptions, and pictures work better.

3. Keyword Targeting: Use Helium 10’s keyword research tools to find the keywords that will work best for your Prime Day ads. This will make it easier for the right people to find your ads.

4. Keeping an eye on Sales: Use Helium 10’s Profits and other analytics tools to keep an eye on your sales and results during Prime Day. This will give you the information you need to make smart choices and quick changes that will help you succeed.

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Conclusion: Unlock Prime Day Savings With Helium 10!

While Helium 10 may not have a dedicated Prime Day sale, their feature-rich suite of tools can still be a powerful ally in helping you achieve your sales goals during this crucial event. They offer deals all year, special coupon codes, and tools with lots of useful features that can help your business do well on Prime Day and other occasions.

So, don’t wait for a Helium 10 Prime Day sale that may never come. Start exploring the ways you can maximize your savings and leverage their tools to drive your Amazon business forward. The key to Prime Day’s success lies in your preparation, not in a single promotional offer.

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