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April 12, 2024

Helium 10 Gems is a free tool that helps sellers create customized URLs for their Amazon and Walmart product listings. 

According to recent data, sellers who use powerful tools like GEMS experience a 30% increase in efficiency and a significant boost in search rankings.  

In this detailed review, I will dive deep into the functionalities of Helium 10 GEMS, its strategic benefits, and how it stands out among other e-commerce tools in the market. 

So, if you’re an Amazon seller looking to gain a competitive edge, I’m going to help you uncover how Helium 10 GEMS can be your secret weapon.

What Is Helium 10 Gems?

Helium 10 Gems is a recent addition to the Helium 10 suite, which is completely free to use. It offers a set of URL ‘gems’ that serve as invaluable resources in various areas such as product launches, promotional campaigns, and data analysis. 

The Helium 10 Gems And Their Roles

The Gems tool within Helium 10 offers several types of gems, each offering unique functions to help optimize different sectors of your e-commerce enterprise.

1. Two-Step Storefront URL: It is a unique URL that directs shoppers directly to your Amazon store, eliminating the visibility of other sellers’ products. It’s particularly beneficial when launching a new product, as it drives targeted traffic to your store.

2. Canonical URL: This URL type improves the SEO rankings of your Amazon product listings. It includes the primary keywords that define your product, making your listings easily searchable by search engines.

3. Brand URL: A gem that filters out all non-brand products on Amazon, leading customers straight to your brand’s listings. This is particularly beneficial for enhancing brand recognition and fostering brand loyalty.

4. Add-to-Cart URL: This gem adds your product directly to a customer’s Amazon cart. It’s an excellent tool for promotional campaigns as it simplifies customers’ purchasing process.

How To Use Helium 10 Gems?

Check out this YouTube video by Helium 10 for a quick understanding of the step-by-step process given below:

This versatile resource streamlines operations to boost business performance. Here’s a straightforward process for using the Helium 10 Gems.

Step 1: Accessing the Gems Tool.

Upon logging into your Helium 10 account, locate the Gems tool on the dashboard. Clicking on it will open a user-friendly interface designed with beginners in mind.

Accessing the Gems Tool

Step 2: Crafting and Refining Your Gems.

The Gems tool allows for effortless customization. Add ASIN or keywords in the given boxes to generate a URL as per your marketplace URLs.’ and define your specifications. 

Crafting and Refining Your Gems

Once satisfied with your settings, save your Gem. Remember, the Gems tool is flexible, allowing for revisions as your strategy evolves.

Step 3: Now, send the traffic directly to the Add to Cart page.

Once you’ve defined your specifications and set your marketplace, enter the particular ASIN you want traffic for and generate a URL.

Add to Cart page

Step 5: Use the URL below to send the traffic to a cart page that allows two or more products.

To allow your buyers to buy 2 or more products together, generate URLs by adding multiple ASIN codes along with their product quantity.

Add cart page that allows two or more products

Step 6: Promoting and Monitoring Your Gems.

After crafting your gem, the next step is distribution. The Gems tool facilitates sharing directly via email or social media platforms. Furthermore, it offers real-time tracking, providing insights into who interacts with your Gem and when.

Details Of Helium 10 Gems Tools

Now, let’s know in detail about each Helium 10 Gems tool below:

1. Canonical URL

Canonical URLs, also known as URL slugs by SEO specialists, appear in external search engines such as Google’s results pages. The product listing appears when a searcher hits the URL slug.

Amazon automatically generates Canonical URLs using the product’s listing text for each item on its website. Usually, the URL slug’s portion is not under the seller’s control.

With Helium 10 Gems, you can create a unique URL slug for your Amazon listing of products based on keywords that you wish to appear in search results on sites like Google.

Select individual words in an order that collectively constitute a high-competition (i.e., difficult to rank) phrase. Five excellent keywords are necessary.

Canonical URL

Gems can use the URL slug that Gems generates outside of Amazon. Among them are:

  • Web sites
  • Blog posts
  • Social networks

It will be simpler for search engines to index the listings of your products for the keywords you want if you use URL slugs that Gems generates.

2. Add to Cart

All you need to build an Add to Cart URL is the amount you want the buyer to buy and the ASIN for your Amazon product listing.

 Add to Cart

Using the same example as earlier, you can obtain the Helium 10 Gems-generated URL with the ASIN. By clicking the URL, you can go straight to the Add to Cart page.

3. Buy Together

If you want to sell two or more products together, you can create a specific URL for that bundle, which will send customers straight to the Add to Cart page.

Buy Together

Just input the ASIN and quantity for each product in the bundle. The first two fields are required; you can bundle up to four products in one URL.

For example, you could bundle the dress with other accessories. To do so, fill in the fields on Helium 10 Gems and click Generate.

4. Targeted ASIN Search URL

If you wish to sell two or more items together, you can create a unique URL for a bundle of products to direct buyers to the Add to Cart page.

Simply enter the quantity and ASIN for every item in the bundle. Up to four goods can be bundled into a single URL; the first two fields are necessary.

Targeted ASIN Search URL

You may, for instance, pair the dress with additional accessories. To accomplish this, click Generate after completing the fields on Helium 10 Gems.

5. Walmart 2-Step Via Brand

Similar to 2-step via brand, this tactic confines search results to a unique webpage.

However, it restricts searches to a vendor rather than a brand. We require a Walmart seller for this scenario because. 

Walmart 2-Step Via Brand

Features Of The URL Builder Gems Tool In Helium 10

The URL Builder Gems tool in Helium 10 is a revolutionary feature for Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. With a suite of functionalities, it simplifies and elevates your Amazon selling journey.

1. Tailored URLs: This feature allows you to create tailored URLs by incorporating your selected keywords. This enhances your product’s visibility, paving the way for higher ranking in Amazon search results.

2. Diversity in URL Types: The URL Builder Gems tool offers a range of URL types to select from, including Super URLs, Canonical URLs, Brand URLs, and more. These diverse URL types can be leveraged to connect with various segments of your target audience.

3. Streamlined Integration: This tool flawlessly integrates with other Helium 10 tools and services, such as the keyword tracker and listing optimizer, fostering an organized and effective approach to managing your Amazon venture.

Pricing Of Helium 10 Gems

First, let’s clarify an important point—Helium 10 Gems is a free tool. Unlike other tools within the Helium 10 suite, Gems doesn’t come with a price tag. This is a significant advantage, especially compared to other platforms that offer similar functionalities.

Helium 10’s free plan provides limited access to most tools, including Gems. While it doesn’t provide the full suite, it’s an excellent starting point for beginners entering the Amazon FBA domain. 

Using the free plan, you can familiarize yourself with Gems and evaluate its potential benefits for your business before investing in a paid plan.

How Does The Gems Tool In Helium 10 Help Businesses?

While the tool is indeed potent, it can be a challenging beast to tame for some users. Understanding and using the tool to its full potential can seem daunting. However, these obstacles can be conquered with the right guidance and persistent practice.

1. Supercharging Sales And Conversations With The Gems Tool

The Gems tool has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in turbocharging sales and conversion rates for many businesses. 

For example, a user on the r/AmazonSeller subreddit narrated their fascinating success story of using the Gems tool. 

By generating ‘Add to Cart’ URLs for their Amazon products using the Gems tool, they experienced a 30% surge in sales and a 15% boost in their conversion rate. They applauded the tool for its user-friendly interface and affordability.

2. Skyrocketing Rankings And Reviews With Gems

The Gems tool isn’t just a sales booster; it’s also an escalator for your product rankings and reviews. A user from the r/AmazonFBA subreddit shared their exciting journey of using the Gems tool to craft a Targeted ASIN Search URL for Amazon. 

The result was a significant improvement in their product ranking for target keywords, which in turn drove more organic traffic to their product listings.

3. The Real-World Impact Of The Gems Tool

The Impact of the Gems tool is best exemplified through real-life success stories. One user on Reddit’s r/FulfillmentByAmazon forum sought advice on using the Gems tool to create a 2-step URL for Walmart. A fellow user responded with a detailed walkthrough and even shared a screenshot of the entire process. They also provided invaluable tips for ranking and conversion optimization.

Similarly, another user on Reddit’s r/WalmartSellers forum inquired about using the Gems tool to create a ‘Buy Together’ URL for Walmart. In response, a fellow user offered a step-by-step guide, supplemented with a screenshot. 

They also explained how this feature could help increase the average order value and cross-sell related products.

How To Avoid Common Mistakes Or Pitfalls When Using The Gems Tool In Helium 10?

Like any tool, Gems by Helium 10 has its challenges. Misunderstanding these can lead to errors that impact your Amazon store’s performance. Avoid these pitfalls by equipping yourself with the necessary know-how.

Common Pitfalls and Their Solutions –

1. Misunderstanding URL Types: Gems offers several URL types, including canonical, storefront, brand, and field-asin. Each has a unique structure and purpose, and understanding the definitions and uses of each URL type is crucial for effective product promotion.

Solution: Suppose you’re selling a new organic skin cream under your brand and want to create a URL directing customers to your brand’s storefront. In this case, use the “Brand” URL type in Gems. It’s specifically designed to promote a brand within Amazon.

2. Incorrect Keyword Usage: Keywords are vital in the URLs you generate. However, using irrelevant or overly competitive keywords can lower your product visibility. Conduct thorough keyword research before building your URLs. 

Solution: Suppose you’re selling a fantasy novel series. Instead of using broad keywords like “fantasy novel,” aim for specific ones, like “epic fantasy series” or “high fantasy trilogy.” Using Helium 10’s Magnet, you can identify and incorporate these niche keywords in your URL for boosted visibility.

3. Overlooking Tracking Parameters: Tracking parameters assess the performance of your URLs. Neglecting these can leave you in the dark regarding your URL’s effectiveness. Always include tracking parameters in your URLs, and consistently measure their performance using analytics tools.

Solution: You’ve created a Field-ASIN URL for your new fitness tracker. To track its performance, add parameters like “source” and “medium” to your URL. This will help you identify your traffic sources and determine which marketing tactics are most effective.

Conclusion: Simplify Promotions With URL Builder Helium 10 Gems!

The URL builder Helium 10 Gems is an invaluable asset for any Amazon seller or e-commerce business. 

It simplifies creating Amazon-friendly URLs, a vital component for driving traffic and improving product rankings. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it a must-have tool in your e-commerce arsenal. 

Remember, it’s not just about selling; it’s about selling smartly and efficiently, and the URL Builder Gems tool is your perfect partner in this endeavor. 

So, don’t wait. Try the URL Builder Gems tool in Helium 10 today and embark on a journey of seamless Amazon selling. Your success story awaits!

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